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Meet the Childhood friends Changing the Landscape of South East London Plumbing

Two childhood friends, Alfie and Bailey, have embarked on a business venture  that is set to reshaping the plumbing and heating landscape in South East London.

Disillusioned by the industry,  and with a shared passion to provide local, fast and affordable plumbing , these two school friends are seeking to plug the leaks in the market.

“Listen I worked in construction for 7 years”, Alfie told me, “It was full of managers taking large cuts but caring little. That’s not what I’m about!”

It was this that inspired Alfie to reach out to his old school friend Bailey and start a business.

Bailey, 30 by this point, had been working for a domestic plumbing giant  for 10 years and had been awarded their plumber of the year award.

“It was a good company that treated me well”, Bailey informed me, “however I knew I had more in me. I am young and full of energy. If I don’t start a business now, when will I ever!”

Having grown up together, their  deep understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses has really paid off.  Bailey’s technical prowess and Alfie’s keen business acumen has enabled them to grow quickly. Now offering full kitchen and bathroom renovation too.

Their commitment to excellence sets them apart. Alfie, with his hands-on experience and relentless pursuit of perfection, ensures every plumbing job is executed with precision. Bailey, on the other hand, manages the business side, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional customer service.

Alfie and Bailey’s plumbing venture is not just about fixing pipes; it’s about creating a legacy of reliability, integrity, and community enrichment. As their business thrives, so does the community they proudly call home.

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